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Arrow is a cloud-based, all-inclusive Human Resource Management System that can help your team work more efficiently. Arrow's features include a sleek, user-friendly interface, automated HR processes and, industry-leading compliance that excels at employee attendance, tracking, leave and expense approval, timesheets, pay slips, office alerts and, much more.

Our software is designed to help HR managers increase productivity with a comprehensive employee management system. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, phone calls, and, wasting time going between programs for data entry! Manage employee time and expenses more effectively with automated workflows, better reporting, and intuitive interfaces
User-friendly UI
Arrow has a very intuitive and friendly UI that enables even non-tech savvy users to explore the in-built features from the get-go!
Cloud-based & Cross-platform
Utilize our app across any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) or OS (Windows, macOS, Android, etc.) and any place with an internet connection. We also provide a unique No-signal mode as well
Supervisors / Managers can automate repetitive daily functions using workflows that the productivity of your organization

Arrow’s management
features at a glance

Time and Attendance
Arrow can help you track and manage the clock-in/out times, leaves, and, absences of your workforce. As a manager, you get to know who’s in the office, and who and out on vacation or sick leave
Employee Tracking and Performance
Arrow generates reports on live location tracking, tracking history, emergency triangulation, and, tracking heat maps to help you assess your employee’s performance on the field
Arrow simplifies payroll cycles by seamlessly integrating attendance and time modules. This helps you get accurate payroll data so you can automate salary and benefits calculation for employees
Employee recruitment and onboarding
Arrow speeds up the hiring process by automating offer letter generation, background screening, and, compliance to follow up on the recruitment process and simultaneously accepting or rejecting applicants based on pre-determined criteria
Reporting and Notifications
Arrow generates multiple reports and provides a variety of notification reminders for you to plan your workflow and never miss a thing. Reminders can be set up so that they arrive in your email inbox or on your device
Document management
Arrow maintains a complete directory of employee and management records including company policy, salary history, performance, disciplinary history, etc., Features like document access control, document repository, updates, search, and, sharing are provided

Employee Tracking and Performance Management

Unlimited Geo-fences with automated clock-in/out
We provide Google Maps API integration to create unlimited geo-fences for your workplace or on-site work. Clock-in and clock-out are logged as soon as the employee steps into and out of the geo-fence respectively
Triangulation and Live-location tracking
Emergency triangulation, last known location, and, live-location tracking features are available as a safety measure and also to provide the real-time status of an employee
Heat maps generation – Tracking
Heat maps can be generated which display the locations or sites where your employee has spent lesser or more time than others and this feedback helps you to make necessary changes
Tracking history
Generate reports on tracking the history of a single employee, a group of employees, or, the entire workforce for a specific time limit, hour, day, or week
Offline tracking – “No-signal” mode
Arrow provides a unique “no-signal” mode where the tracking logs are maintained and updated even in areas without a signal
Device binding feature
This safety feature prevents tampering with attendance logs by binding each employee’s phone to their digital twin. In case of loss of device or other reasons, binding to a new device can only take place with the approval of the manager/supervisor

General HRMS features

Dashboard and Workflows
Quickly see what you're missing out on with a glance at the dashboard - all in one place, from one screen. Automate regular and repetitive tasks using workflows to shorten the process cycle and boost productivity
Manager module
This allows the manager/supervisor to create hierarchy levels and shift rosters, approve document access/loans/expenses/overtime/advances, project tracking, task management, and much more
Employee module
Created at the time of onboarding and regularly updated, this module contains all the tasks assigned to them, access to required documents, application for leave, internal job submission portal, individual notifications, digital ID, pay-slip and benefits access, etc.
Performance management
Performance assessments provide information on employee productivity and performance feedback with criteria like skills matrix, goal monitoring, appraisal, and feedback reports that can be made visible using the dashboard. This saves time by cutting down on lengthy review meetings
Paperless features
Arrow HRMS replaces the tedious task of filling out paper forms for functions like time-off/leave requests, benefits applications, office circulars, shift rosters, approvals, and many other day-to-day activities
Payroll features
Payroll features like the generation of pay slips, managing flexible payroll periods, overtime records, allowances, advance payments, unpaid leaves, bulk payments, regulation compliance, pension/PF and tax deductions, etc. can all be automated using Arrow HRMS

It's like having your own HR Department in the Cloud with Arrow

Start integrating Arrow into your company’s HR processes and see an improvement in organizational levels, professional development, and employee relations

Sign up for Arrow with our 7-day free trial to see how it can change the way you manage your employees. Get started today!

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      Digital protag wouldn’t be where it is today without all of the hard work of the team. Thank you very much for all the hard work and support


      If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!


        Digital protag wouldn’t be where it is today without all of the hard work of the team. Thank you very much for all the hard work and support

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