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Healthcare/Laboratory Management System

HealthTech Plus is a cloud-based, comprehensive healthcare information management system that helps hospitals and laboratories operate more efficiently and effectively. Our software allows you to significantly boost productivity, promote communication, improve patient experience, optimize payments & billing and manage samples, tests and results with ease.
HealthTech Plus provides an integrated interface to connect your doctors, patients, healthcare and support staff, operation theatre personnel, lab technicians, pharmacists and everyone else. Full integration with legacy systems and third-party applications ensures seamless data sharing between operations and maintenance.
Manage your day-to-day routines, workforce allocation, financial management, risk management, inventory management and much more from anywhere and across any device. It’s that simple!
User-friendly UI
HealthTech Plus has a very intuitive and friendly UI that enables even non-tech savvy users to explore the in-built features from the get-go!
Cloud-based & Cross-platform
Utilize our app across any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) or OS (Windows, macOS, Android, etc.) and any place with an internet connection. We also provide a unique No-signal mode as well
Digitalization and Automation
Supervisors / Managers can do away with the hassles of paperwork and automate repetitive daily functions using workflows which boosts the productivity of your organization

How does HealthTech Plus benefit your organization?

Streamlined processes
HealthTech Plus provides a centralized system to streamline processes between doctors, healthcare staff, insurance and billing departments involved to prevent miscommunication and providing real-time feedback and reporting
Improved patient experience
HealthTech Plus enables faster processing of data with lower waiting times at each department. Ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for your patients
Accurate Inventory
Inventory counting, tracking and management is all automated, giving no room for human error and managers can access all the data from their mobiles or personal devices
Enhanced safety and security
HealthTech Plus helps with compliance and safety issues by identifying and alerting about potential high-risk situations and maintaining audits of high-value items that are prone to theft, damage or loss
Reduced processing costs and human error
Reduced processing times and human error helps you achieve better return on investment and decreases the running costs incurred
Scalability to match your growth
Our solutions offer a lot of flexibility and customization and are built to scale as per your organization’s growing growth and demand

Hospital management benefits of HealthTech Plus

Manage Appointment Scheduling
HealthTech Plus helps you streamline the process of appointment scheduling and patient registration, so you can keep track of your patient's appointments easily
Optimize Consultation Management
Our software offers advanced consultation management tools that help you optimize the workflow by coordinating with the doctor’s schedules and enhance patient care
Manage Imaging & Diagnostics
HealthTech Plus provides digital imaging and diagnostics management tools to help you book scans/tests, quickly store, access, and share medical images and other diagnostic data with ease
Track Pharmacy & Inventory Easily
Keep track of your pharmacy inventory with our user-friendly pharmacy and inventory management tools. Automate purchase orders, prescription management, tracking, auditing and managing supplies for greater efficiency
Maximize Billing & Insurance Management
Our billing and insurance management feature helps simplify claims processing while reducing errors and helps to manage payments quickly while providing better ease-of-use to the patient
Manage Workforce Effortlessly
HealthTech Plus offers workforce management features that allow you to easily view employee schedules and automatically assigns shifts in advance. It also makes performance reviews easier with data analytics

Laboratory information management benefits of HealthTech Plus

Do More in Less Time with Sample Management
HealthTech Plus offers advanced sample management features, allowing you to quickly and accurately manage your laboratory samples in real-time
Real-time inventory management
Inventory Management at its Finest! Our intuitive system allows you to keep track of all your consumables and supplies in one place. It also makes sure that you never run out of the things you need by predicting reorder levels
Generate Reports Easily
Generate professional reports quickly with our user-friendly report generation feature. Keep all your documents in one place - from patient records to lab results - without having to switch between applications or manually enter data!
Personnel & Workload Management
Manage technician schedules, assign tasks, and track progress with ease using our workload management feature which provides profiles for all personnel to submit logs of their tasks in real-time
Reduce human-error
With improved security and accuracy brought about by role-based access control, say goodbye to common errors due to human handling of data. This drastically reduces wastage and increases efficiency
Better Lab turnaround times
HealthTech Plus streamlines the process from the moment a sample is collected until it is processed and ready for reporting. This improves overall efficiency, reduces costs and improves turnaround times

HealthTech Plus – General Features

Hospital management features
  • • Mobile app
  • • Administrator Dashboard with Accounting management
  • • Supervisor / Manager module
  • • Doctor Module – Timetables, schedule and appointment management
  • • Patient Portal – registration, billing, insurance, scheduling & notifications
  • • Healthcare personnel module
Laboratory information management features
  • • Mobile app
  • • Administrator dashboard
  • • Invoicing
  • • Inbound Sampling
  • • Labeling with Integrated Barcode management
  • • Chain of Custody and Storage Optimization

Make healthcare smarter with HealthTech Plus

Now you can manage everything from one single place in real-time! Start using HealthTech Plus today to revolutionize the way you manage your hospital and laboratory. Unlock access to new levels of success – Contact us for a free trial today!

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      Digital protag wouldn’t be where it is today without all of the hard work of the team. Thank you very much for all the hard work and support


      If you wish to receive our latest news in your email box, just subscribe to our newsletter. We won’t spam you, we promise!


        Digital protag wouldn’t be where it is today without all of the hard work of the team. Thank you very much for all the hard work and support

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