Only 8 spots remaining for September 2020 batch



Course Duration: 52 Days.

Course Starts on: 3rd August 2020.

This course covers basics in HTML, CSS, Php, MySQL and Javascript

The primary focus of this course is to give you all the basic tools necessary to build your own static or Dynamic websites, ERPs, Web Applications, Content Management Systems (CMS) etc.


The following are the skills you would acquire by the end of this program.

Create a Static website through HTML and CSS
Understanding the role and purpose of a Database(MySQL)
Learn to be a database architect
Complete control over using MySQL database
Understanding the role and purpose of Php
Gain the ability to plan and create your own CMS using Php and MySQL
Create a Dynamic website using CMS
Implementation of JavaScripts along with HTML or Php scripts

Task based Curriculum.

Every single lecture is started with a case study and ended with a task. Every student is required to work on the daily tasks.
Each case study and task is tailored to get the student ready for the real world development scenarios
To get the students to open up to learning new ways to deal with any given problem.
Completion of the first project (Design based by the end of first half of the course)
Completion of the second project at the end of the course which covers all HTML, CSS, Php, MySQL and Js
Get the students to work on projects and tasks collectively and individually.
Develop necessary skills in the student to have knowledge on complete project life cycle.



Course Duration: 65 Days.

Course Starts on: Coming Soon.

This course covers concepts in React Natvie for developing Hybrid App, ReactJS for developing web application, NodeJS for developing server side web applications and MySQL for storing data in database.

Knowledge in HTML,CSS and Javascript.
You will learn what MySQL is and how we can store, Retrieve and update data in databases.
Understanding NodeJs environment.
Developing API using NodeJS.
Working with Express framework for developing basic web application with NodeJS.
Understanding routing using Express app object.
Using MySQL in NodeJS.
Developing simple application using NodeJS, ExpressJS and MySQL.
You will understand React environment.
Creating sample project.
Understanding the components.
Understanding the state and props.
Styling the application.
Getting data from API and displaying in the application.
Developing simple web application using ReactJS and Mobile App using React Native.